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Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence with CytoPlexus AI.

Automatic Cell Detection

Count and quantify cells, fluorescent probes, and other targets quickly and effortlessly with automated ROI detection. With CytoPlexus AI, analysis becomes the easy part of your experiment.

Powerful Machine Learning

CytoPlexus uses the power of artificial intelligence to make histology fast and effortless. Analyze hundreds of your images in fractions of the time.

Better Data, Faster.

Improve the quality of your data collection with standardized and automated quantification. Easy exporting makes integration with excel and statistical packages a snap.

Take a look at what CytoPlexus AI can do for you.

CytoPlexus AI ´╗┐brings powerful biomarker detection to your digital microscopy, helping automate quntification of your histological samples.

See CytoPlexus AI in action.

Our powerful algorithms quickly search through deep layers of data, returning more reliable data in a fraction of the time.

Explore the Power of CytoPlexus AI

Automatic cell detection through artificial intelligence. Unlock new depths of your data with stain intensity and network analysis.

CytoPlexus AI takes your histology to the next level.


Networks of interaction

AI opens the door to discovering complex interactions in your tissue. Our groundbreaking technology can determine networks of intereaction between multiple stains. See how hubs influence neighboring cells.


Customizable target detection for fluorescent labels big and small. Once automatic regions of interest are determined, selections can be double-checked by the user to refine or add to the targets.


Download quantified data to your desktop for easy inport into Excel and statisitcal packages. CSV files make it easy to sort and prepare data for the next step of analysis.

Deeper data

Analyze multiple fluorescent channels and identify stain co-localization quickly andn effortlessly. Determine how multiple proteins or targets interact and change in different experimental conditions.

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